Other RC Parts

Other RC Parts – Radio Control Parts https://www.tmvintagerc.com/other-rc-parts/  This Category holds all of the “other” RC Parts.  What this includes are items like chargers, motors, batteries, connectors etc.  It will include many manufacturers such as Aarma, Dynamite, OS Engines, Traxxas, Imex, Venom, Hi-Tec.  tmvintagerc.com is an online store that specializes in vintage radio controlled parts as well as present items.  Other RC Parts

Nothing is better than rooting through RC parts in a hobby shop!!

We have designed an online shop which you can do just that!  We have a great collection of hard to find vintage RC parts combined with lots of current parts you need!  Want to drag that old Tamiya Hornet out of storage for your child to play with?  Start looking around the site…we are sure you will find that goodie you’ve been searching for!

Remember also that we are adding to our online inventory every day!!  Make sure you check back often or send us a quick email at sales@leadingedgehobbies.com and we will have a look in our stock for your part.

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